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The Xcite™ system provides a superior and efficient alternative to all prior HTDEM technologies for the minerals exploration and geoscience mapping community.



Xcite™ is a new generation of helicopter-borne time-domain electromagnetic (HTDEM) systems, developed by New Resolution Geophysics (NRG™). By incorporating the latest new-age, high speed electronics and sophisticated aeronautical engineering, New Resolution Geophysics (NRG™) has developed the next generation HTDEM system. The Xcite™ system provides a superior and efficient alternative to all prior HTDEM technologies for the minerals exploration and geoscience mapping community.

Key features of the system include:

  • Innovative patented loop design
  • Exceptional signal/noise
  • Logistically superior in setup and shipping
  • Excellent depth of investigation
  • Performance in both early and late time
  • 460μs switch off time

A patented inflatable bird has been developed as a carrier for the system. The transmitter loop diameter is approximately 20 metres resulting in a programmable output power of up to 372,000 NIA. The inflatable structure supports different loop sizes, thereby providing system output powers that are far greater or smaller, depending on the requirements of each survey.

The inflatable bird design was selected for several reasons, including:

  • Ultra compact size when deflated, resulting in optimal logistics in shipping. The direct result being reduced mobilisation costs.
  • Fast set up time of approximately 4 hours
  • The ideal combination of a robust structure, with flexibility while retaining a constant shape in flight, resulting in a stable and damped receiver platform.
  • Minimal interference from microphonic noise.
  • Less prone to damage than a conventional rigid or semi-rigid system.
  • Extremely stable flight characteristics.
  • Field repairable
  • Innovative design

The Xcite™ HTDEM system has many benefits such as:

  • All raw, streaming data is recorded.
  • Time gates are selected post flight, thereby ensuring that the system data presentations can be tailored for all target or application requirements.
  • Rapid setup time of only 4 hours for a complete system installation.
  • Mobilisation costs are reduced due to the compact size of the system when deflated.
  • The shock absorbing qualities of the frame results in a perfectly damped platform producing extremely quiet data.


Technical Specifications

Electromagnetic System
Type Xcite™
Sensor Configuration Coincident Tx-Rx
Weight ~450kg
Structure Fully inflatable frame
Aircraft Type AS350B Series
Engine Type Turbine
Fuel Type JetA1
Diameter 18.4m
Number of turns 4
Current 220 A (up to 350A)
Dipole Moment 250,000 NIA (up to 372,000 NIA for 5 mspulse)
Base Frequency 25Hz or 30 Hz Base Frequency programmable waveform
Waveform Typically between 4 – 7ms on-time with 16 to 13ms off-time
Diameter 0.97m
Number of turns 100
Orientation Z axis
Configuration Concentric to Tx
Sampling Digitally at 624kbps
Recording Digitally at 156kbps
Time gates Adjustable Rx gates extracted from streamed data; typically 42 gates 
Time gate windows 0.05 ms to > 12ms
Measurements dB/dT 
& integrated B-field
Acquisition System
CPU Dual Core ARM 1.5Ghz
Operation Temperature -10 to 65 Degrees C
Standard Sampling Rate 20 Hz (capable of >1kHz)
Magnetometer Counter
Type NRG RDAC ll
Internal System Noise <0.0001 nT
Adc Inputs 24
Magnetometer Inputs 4
Recording Rate 20 Hz (capable of >1kHz)
Magnetometer Sensor
Type Single Sensor Scintrex CS3
Measurement Range 15 000 – 105 000 nT
Gradient Tolerance 40 000 nT/m
Operating Temperature  -40 to +50 Degrees C
Recording Rate 20 Hz (capable of >1kHz)
Fluxgate Magnetometer
Type Bartington
Analogue output +- 10 V
Linearity error <0.0015%
Calibration accuracy -0.005
Bandwidth 0.3 kHz
Internal noise <6 pTrms/ Hz @1Hz
Recording rate 20 Hz (capable of >1kHz)
Field Data Verification System
Processing Software Platforms Geosoft Oasis Montaj and Proprietary Software
Base Station Magnetometer
Manufacturer NRG Engineering
Range 15 000 to 105 000nT
Sensitivity Recording Rate 0.0006 nT Hz RMS 1Hz
GPS Positioning
Type  Novatel DL-V3L1L2
Differential Correction Real Time
Code Tracked C/A
Number of Satellites 12
Recording Rate 20 Hz
Type Vaisala
Pressure Resolution 0.001 mb
Operating Pressure  Range 600 – 1060 mb
Recording Rate 20 Hz (capable of >1kHz)
Type Vaisala
Resolution 0.05 DegC
Accuracy 0.1 DegC
Recording Rate 20 Hz (capable of >1kHz)
Radar Altimeter
Type Free Flight 
Operating range 0 - 762 m
Accuracy 0 - 10 m +-0.3m
Accuracy 10 - 762 m +-0.5m
Recording rate 20 Hz (capable of >1kHz)
Laser Altimeter
Type SF-01
Range 0 – 60 m
Resolution 1cm
Recording rate 20 Hz (capable of >1kHz)